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DeCurtins Law Office — Where Your Case Matters Most

When you seek a lawyer’s help with your criminal defense, it’s not the last case that matters — it’s your case. As your attorneys, we understand that our record of success is only as good as the current case we are handling. We always promise our clients that we start over again with you.

At the DeCurtins Law Office, in Charlotte, NC, we use over 25 years of experience to successfully defend our clients in criminal cases, including misdemeanors in district court and felony cases in superior court. From assault charges, to DWI, to theft crimes, we have the experience necessary to help you — no matter what your need.

We have a sincere interest in helping our clients successfully face criminal charges. This means more than just the legal aspects of your case. It means helping you resolve personal conflicts as well. Throughout our careers, we have helped our clients in Charlotte NC and their families work through personal issues which may be related to the criminal charge. Sometimes it may be appropriate to use counseling or therapy to gain personal progress and to achieve a good result in client’s case.

What You Can Expect From Me and My Staff

When you work with the DeCurtins Law Office, you can expect courteous treatment. You can expect to work with a legal team that knows who you are, so you will never be lost in the shuffle. You can expect to always get a live person when you call — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For a free initial consultation about your criminal defense, contact the DeCurtins Law Office in Charlotte NC by calling (704) 375-7200.