Alcohol-Related Charges in Charlotte

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DWI charges are not the only offenses relating to alcohol. Attorney DeCurtins has more than 30 years of experience practicing criminal law, during which he has represented thousands of cases involving alcohol and/or drug charges. His aim is to ensure that you have the knowledge and resources necessary to face your charges with confidence.

Alcohol-related offenses the firm can represent include:

  • Open-container violations, or drinking alcohol on public property
  • Public intoxication, or being visibly drunk in public
  • Underage drinking, or being a minor in possession of alcohol
  • Selling or supplying alcohol to minors
  • Boating while under the influence

Attorney DeCurtins believes that the best way to build an effective defense is to fully analyze and understand each unique case to determine a course of action that fits each client’s needs. With a reputation as a formidable negotiator, he recognizes when the best possible outcome for a case can be secured before even going to trial, and can work with district attorneys to dismiss or lessen your charges.

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