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The legal team at DeCurtins Law Office serves Charlotte with quick access to a trusted fraud defense attorney who is dedicated to defending the rights of the accused. By taking a personalized and accessible approach to building cases, Attorney DeCurtins can help you pursue the best possible outcome for your theft charges. Through more than 30 years of successfully defending clients, he has established a reputation as an effective and proven legal advocate.

Understanding Fraud Charges

Fraud is typically considered a white collar crime. Fraud crimes include incidents where the accused used deceit in order to obtain personal or financial gain. Most fraud offenses are charged as felonies and can carry penalties including fines, jail time, and probation. Additionally, if convicted, you may be required to pay restitution to any alleged victims.

Common fraud charges involve:

  • False pretenses
  • Identity theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Employment fraud

At Decurtins Law Office, the team of legal professionals wants you to feel confident and comfortable knowing that you have a dedicated ally fighting for you. You can trust that Attorney DeCurtins will utilize his experience, resources, and unique skill set to pursue dismissal of your case or reduced sentencing. With a reputation as a skilled negotiator, he can work towards a favorable resolution and many times avoiding a trial.

The fraud defense attorney at DeCurtins Law Office can be reached at (704) 313-1131 during normal business hours. You can also call the after-hours line at (704) 508-9131.

Prioritizing Accessibility & Transparency

Attorney DeCurtins' goal as your Charlotte theft defense attorney is to maintain an open and honest communication in order to establish mutual trust. This allows him to develop a personalized defensive strategy that portrays you in the best light and gives you the strongest chance at a favorable result. He makes it a priority to be accessible to his clients and address all of their concerns throughout the process.

Mr. DeCurtins believes a strong case begins with a passionate legal representative, and he does everything in his power to instill your confidence in his ability to fight for you. Through convenient appointment times and after-hours contact opportunities, he provides you with the one-on-one legal representation you need to feel comfortable as he moves forward with your case.

Get Help from a Charlotte Fraud Attorney

Fraud accusations in Charlotte can lead to lifelong implications and need to be handled by an attorney whose primary concern is protecting you. Find a trustworthy legal representative in the criminal defense attorney at DeCurtins Law Office and be rest assured knowing your case is in competent hands.

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