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Are you in need of a lawyer you can trust and is also cost-effective? If you are facing criminal charges, you may be wondering what is next. The single most important decision you will make in your case is who is going to defend you in a court of law. You need a seasoned Charlotte criminal defense attorney, invested in securing a future for you on the right path.

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At DeCurtins Law Office, Attorney Robert DeCurtins knows what is at stake for those facing criminal charges, which is why he offers personalized service and results-oriented defensive counsel. He is dedicated to earning your trust so that you can feel confident knowing that you have an advocate in your corner fighting for your rights. With more than 30 years of experience successfully handling criminal cases, he has the knowledge and resources necessary to represent you.

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DeCurtins Law Office utilizes a comprehensive understanding of the law to represent clients facing a wide variety of criminal offenses. With an emphasis on building solid attorney-client relationships based on communication, honesty, and trust, Attorney DeCurtins’ top priority is providing the highest quality of service to each of his clients. No matter the offense, you can always count on Attorney DeCurtins to relentlessly pursue the best possible outcome for your case.

Attorney DeCurtins has developed an exceptional reputation for being an effective negotiator. He understands that you don't want to go to trial and has developed the negotiation skills necessary to work with district attorneys to ensure that you don't have to. He aims to negotiate the best possible outcome for cases he represents while helping his clients to avoid the stress of the lengthy, drawn-out trial process.

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If you are facing charges or were recently arrested, time may already be short. The sooner you get a skilled lawyer on your side, the greater your chances are of obtaining a favorable outcome. DeCurtins Law Office offers free consultations and will return calls as quickly as possible, so that you can discuss a plan for moving forward. Attorney DeCurtins knows that this is a crucial time to take action and that you need an experienced, compassionate, and confident ally who can go to work for you.

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