Drug Trafficking

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A drug trafficking charge has to do with the amount of drugs allegedly involved. Having over a certain limit, the transportation of the drugs is referred to as trafficking. The amount limit depends on the types of drugs being transported.

An offense is considered to be drug trafficking if you are caught transporting:

  • 28 grams or more of cocaine
  • 4 grams of heroin
  • 100 pills of ecstasy

It does not matter if you were caught with a narcotic, or schedule controlled substance, or if the drugs were meant for personal use. If you have been charged, you need to take action right away to protect your rights.

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Penalties for Drug Trafficking

Trafficking drugs have severe penalties. These can include lengthy jail sentences, asset forfeiture, and heavy fines. If you are facing these penalties, protect your rights; do not talk to police. Police often try to coerce the accused into giving a statement by making false promises.

Do not give a statement without the presence of a criminal defense lawyer. What is said in a moment of confusion can later be used against you. Say and do nothing until you hire an attorney. Call our experienced criminal defense lawyers to learn your rights. The sooner you call, the better. DeCurtins Law Office can begin working on your defense strategy immediately.

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Drug Trafficking Defense in Charlotte, NC

Drug trafficking charges almost always involve gray areas related to your rights and police procedures. Finding valid evidence on drug trafficking cases is not always an easy or clear-cut process. To build the case, police will use informants, cutting deals with people in exchange for information leading to other arrests. Your best defense is to hire an aggressive drug crimes defense attorney, like one from DeCurtins Law Office.

Trafficking drugs can, in some cases, lead to mandatory prison sentences. DeCurtins Law Office can listen to every detail of your case and provide a tailored defense. Oftentimes, sentences can be mitigated to shorter jail times, probation, or even dismissal of the case. We know how harshly drug crimes are prosecuted, and we are ready to match the state with a well-prepared and thorough defense.

How DeCurtins Law Office Can Help

The firm can build your case from the bottom up, attacking the holes in the state's case from every angle. Whether you did or did not consent to a search can be major sticking points in your defense. Our firm is well-versed in the justice codes for drug trafficking cases, and can work within the guidelines of the legal system to protect your freedom with fervor. At DeCurtins Law, we have thirty years handling serious drug cases. Our skilled legal team serves Charlotte, Monroe, and Gastonia.

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