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Weapons charges, depending on the exact charge, can range in penalties from fines to felonies. In this state, possession and use of concealed weapons, including guns and explosives are regulated. If you have been arrested or charged with a weapons charge, you need to act fast to make sure your rights are not violated. DeCurtins Law Office knows how the state will try to build their case against you.

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Types of Cases We Handle

DeCurtins Law Office handles all types of assault and weapons charges, including:

  • Carrying a concealed weapon
  • Assault by pointing a gun
  • Possession of a firearm by a felon

Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Carrying a concealed weapon or firearm without a license is punishable by a fine in the state. If however, you are intoxicated while the offense occurred, or you were carrying another weapon on your person, both jail time and fines can be assigned.

In North Carolina, the following are considered to be classified as weapons:

  • Bowie knife
  • Dagger
  • Slingshot
  • Metal knuckles
  • Razor
  • Stun gun

No matter the weapons offense or the weapon in question, contact a skilled Charlotte assault lawyer today. Many times gray areas or misunderstandings occur, and the firm can fully explore all options.

Assault by Pointing a Gun

A weapons charge of assault by pointing a gun is sometimes confusing to clients. If you had no mal-intent and didn't use the gun, most people think that simply pointing a gun is not a crime. This is incorrect. If the victim has a reasonable belief they could be in harm as a result of seeing the gun, then under NC law, they have been assaulted. This is a Class A1 misdemeanor charge. The Charlotte assault defense lawyer at DeCurtins Law Office can help sort through the facts to prove your intent and fight the charges.

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Possession of Firearm by a Felon

In North Carolina, people convicted of felonies are not allowed to possess a firearm, bombs, or other weapons of mass destruction. This ban does not apply to those people who have been pardoned, have had their rights restored, or those felons whose convictions were the result of antitrust violations, or unfair trade practices. If you are a convicted felon and have been charged with possession of a firearm, you need to retain sound legal counsel right away. A weapons charge of possession of a firearm is a Class G felony.

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