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If you have been accused or charged with embezzlement by a former employer, you could be facing some serious consequences if convicted. Our criminal defense firm can help you protect your future, your job, and your reputation. Having represented thousands of clients, including persons accused of embezzling well over $100,000, our Charlotte theft crimes lawyer at DeCurtins Law Office is prepared to go to court for you.

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Embezzlement is a form of theft and considered a white-collar crime. When an individual steals money or property that has been entrusted to them by another person (usually an employer), that individual can be charged with embezzlement. Embezzlement charges are increasingly common, especially during times of economic struggle. If you are facing embezzlement charges, our criminal defense attorney from DeCurtins Law Office can help protect you against false allegations through personalized defense strategies.

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About Embezzlement Charges

Embezzlement, or larceny by employee, is based on the employment relationship. The basic concept is that of master-servant. An employee is said to have the trust and confidence of the employer. This would include the trust placed in the employee to care for the money and merchandise or other property owned by the employer. When an employee defrauds the employer by converting such goods to his or her own use with intent to steal it, it is said that the trust relationship has been breached or broken.

Penalties for Embezzlement in South Carolina

It is important to note that if a theft of this nature occurs, the value is not what makes the charge a felony. It is the employment relationship. Therefore, even a very small sum of money, or a very inexpensive piece of merchandise will be charged as a felony. Again, the concept is that the employee is taking advantage of the trust and confidence which the employer has placed in him or her.

When accused of embezzling larger amounts of money, the level of the felony is elevated to a much higher level. It also carries a much more severe potential penalty.

No matter the gravity of your charges, DeCurtins Law Office is prepared to defend you vigorously. In addition to working with the District Attorney on embezzlement charges, we attempt to invoke a discussion with the employer, in order to obtain a better result for his clients. Because the penalty phase varies, and prison time is an option, it is vital to retain a criminal defense lawyer.

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In order to convict you of embezzlement, the prosecution will try to prove that you had the intent to “commit the crime” and that you knowingly used the money or property that you stole. It is imperative you retain the legal representation of our skilled and dedicated criminal defense attorneys with experience handling embezzlement cases.

DeCurtins Law Office has a superb record of success defending embezzlement charges and has the savvy to work up a defense strategy for your situation. Our Charlotte theft crime attorneys have been practicing criminal defense for over 30 years and we are prepared to help you. DeCurtins Law Office defends those charged with embezzlement in Charlotte, Monroe, and Gastonia. During a free consultation, we can give you an honest review of likely options so you always know where you stand.

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