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When you are facing shoplifting charges, it is good to know what to expect. Shoplifting is a theft offense that charged as a misdemeanor when the value of the merchandise is less than $1,000. In the state of North Carolina, these most often are either unlawful concealment or larceny charges. You can be charged with this theft offense even if you never left the store.

The following types of shoplifting situations may be charged as a felony:

  • Crimes in which the stolen merchandise is of high enough value.
  • Crimes in which the security device was tampered with.
  • Crimes in which the merchandise was stolen through an emergency exit.

An individual charged with shoplifting or unlawful concealment faces the prospect of jail time if convicted.

Types of Shoplifting Charges

It is in your best interest to retain a competent defense lawyer immediately if you are facing:

  • Shoplifting
  • Unlawful concealment
  • Larceny by an employee

When the charge is larceny, the State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person intended to permanently deprive the owner of the items or property. This means the criminal intent, not just the act of picking items up off a shelf or concealing them, must be proved.

A charge of unlawful concealment involves a person purposely placing an item in a place where a store worker would not reasonably be able to see it, like in a purse. Most times, the person is stopped before even leaving the store. The crime is said to have occurred at the time of concealment. Many times, concealment is not done on purpose. That is not a crime. The state does not have to prove anything further as to the intent of the person charged. This is a key distinction from a larceny charge.

Attorney Robert DeCurtins began his career as a security director in one of the largest retail store operations in the country. He trained and supervised an entire staff of "store detectives" who apprehended "shoplifters." He was also responsible for investigating all accusations of larceny by employees. This experience levels the playing field when determining whether or not mistakes were made that can benefit clients.

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Penalties for Shoplifting in North Carolina

Although shoplifting is generally a misdemeanor offense, it may still carry the potential for an active jail sentence. Frequently, Mr. DeCurtins is able to work out negotiations with the prosecutor for dismissal of such charges. Attorney DeCurtins may then be able to completely clear (or expunge) the charge from the accused's record.

Possible penalties for shoplifting crimes include:

  • Fines
  • Jail
  • Restitution
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Permanent criminal record

Know that this charge can follow you around for the rest of your life, and limit your options to get a good job or attend school. You deserve a skilled Charlotte theft crime attorney to fight hard for your rights. DeCurtins Law Office can act as your advocate throughout the process to have your shoplifting charges dismissed or lessened.

Fighting for the Fairest Outcome

Do not let a mistake, or a poor lapse of judgment, change the rest of your life. Many of Mr. DeCurtins' clients did not even know they were "shoplifting." For example, a mother puts an item in the bottom of her stroller and she forgets. These types of cases are not the same as someone setting out with criminal intent. DeCurtins Law Office offers a free consultation to thoroughly discuss the merits of your case and let you know the best way to move forward. It is wise to talk to Mr. DeCurtins before giving statements to police or store personnel.

The burden of proof in these cases is on the state to prove each and every element of the charge beyond a reasonable doubt. The bold legal team at DeCurtins Law Office will work every angle within the justice system to provide a solid defense. Not every crime is one size fits all, and the punishment should not be either. Charlotte Attorney Robert J. DeCurtins can zealously negotiate with the state for the most lenient options, and strive to avoid any shoplifting conviction on your criminal record.

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