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If you are injured because of the negligence of another driver, we would welcome the opportunity to let us help you through this emotionally and physically painful experience. Since 1985, DeCurtins Law Office has successfully helped thousands of personal Injury victims achieve favorable settlements for their injuries. DeCurtins Law Office is a local, family firm with over 35 years of experience devoted to helping people like you recover physically and financially after accidents like yours.

Founding attorney Robert DeCurtins, and son Brandon DeCurtins, pride themselves in effective representation that is aggressive yet personal in nature when it comes to understanding their clients, treating them with respect, loyalty, and open communication. When you call DeCurtins Law Office, you can expect warm and courteous help, and will be working directly with one of the two attorneys and their small staff.* The vast majority of our cases have been referred by prior clients who enjoyed their experience working with DeCurtins Law Office and wanted their acquaintances to have the same positive experience that they had.

The goal of DeCurtins Law Office is to assume full responsibility of the case, allowing the client to deal with their injuries and get back to their lives, knowing that they are in great hands.

Our attorneys strive to get their clients the attention they deserve and to deliver effective and successful legal services to get the best possible results, most often without having to result to the sometimes long and demanding burdens of litigation. The value of your case will depend on the nature of your injuries as well as other factors, but you can be assured the attorneys will make every effort to obtain the best financial result possible. DeCurtins Law Office has achieved settlements in the six and seven figure range.**

Please contact us at (704) 313-1131 to discuss your potential claim and get a feel for DeCurtins Law Office as you make a decision as to who is best to handle your claim. You can be assured that the insurance carrier is already hard at work building their case, make sure that you have someone working hard for you as well.

*Disclaimer: In some instances, it is necessary for DeCurtins Law Office to associate other legal counsel for litigation purposes.

**Disclaimer for Case Results: The facts and circumstances of each case are different and every case must be evaluated independently. Therefore, the results summarized here are not necessarily representative of the results obtained in all cases and do not constitute a guarantee of any particular result in any legal matter.