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A robbery arrest is not a conviction! With our skilled Charlotte theft crimes attorney to defend your rights, our firm can help you fight your charges and restore your reputation. During robbery cases, the state's objective that you stole from another individual using force or threatening to use force and had no intention of returning the property. Our Charlotte robbery attorneys use individualized defense strategies to dismantle the prosecution’s case against you.

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Penalties for Robbery

In North Carolina, all forms of robbery are charged as felonies. Robbery is considered a violent theft offense and is considered a violent crime.

There are two types of charges:

  • Armed robbery
  • Common law robbery

Felony convictions or "guilty" pleas to felony charges are serious and, if convicted, the individual charged could face time in jail as a penalty. The effects of a criminal record can continue to impact your life years after your conviction and can influence the job you have, where you live, and your personal rights. Because of this, it is important to secure the representation of an experienced and reliable defense lawyer. With the help of our firm, you can protect your future.

Robbery Defense Lawyer in Charlotte

Set sentencing guidelines are in place to ensure consistent penalties for certain crimes across the state. While it is helpful to know what sort of sentence you may be facing, it also means the state has less room to bargain on certain charges. It also means that judges have less discretion to tailor sentences after pleas or verdicts.

Because of these harsh guidelines, it is vital to your defense to have a strong case prepared by our experienced criminal attorneys. We have defended literally thousands of clients over the past 30 years and is ready to fight for your freedoms, too. We offer a free consult and offers an after-hour number for urgent situations.

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The Qualified Charlotte Legal Team Is on Standby

DeCurtins Law Office knows that each case is unique in its own way. Our firm provides personalized defense strategies and extends the time needed to familiarize our team with the details of each case. As seasoned Charlotte theft crimes lawyers with proven results while handling robbery cases, our legal team can explain clearly the specifics of your charges and construct a strong defense. DeCurtins Law Office defends those charged with robbery in Charlotte, Monroe, and Gastonia.