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At DeCurtins Law Office in Charlotte, our arson defense lawyers provide personalized legal counsel to each client who seeks his service. With more than 30 years of experience, we have developed a reputation for the passionate and successful advocacy of the accused. Our firm's highest priority is building an attorney-client relationship based on open and honest communication and mutual trust. If you’ve been accused of arson, you can feel confident knowing that our experienced legal team is fighting for your rights.

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Defense Against Arson Charges

Charges of arson involve the destruction of public or private property by means of intentional fire. Fighting back against these charges requires a targeted evaluation of the circumstances in which the fire was started as well as the intentions and motives of the accused.

It is important to note that the following factors can lead to more serious charges:

  • Fire leading to the death or injury
  • Damage to multiple structures
  • Destruction of national monuments
  • Endangerment or injury of several individuals
  • Suspicion of insurance fraud

The most effective defenses are developed when an attorney can fully evaluate and analyze each client’s case. We have committed his practice to taking the time to understand the circumstances surrounding his clients’ arson charges so that we can tailor his defensive strategy both in and out of the courtroom. With a reputation as an effective negotiators, we can even work with district attorneys to reach the best possible resolution without even going to trial.

Complimentary Consultations with an Arson Defense Attorney

When you come to DeCurtins Law Office for a complimentary initial consultation, our team of legal professionals can give you an honest outline of your options. Our firm's goal is to establish a foundation of trust and respect, and the attorney works to remain easily accessible to address your concerns at any time. Our top priority is ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable every step of the way, knowing that your case is in good hands.

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