Sex Crimes

Charlotte Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Legal Representation for Sex Crimes in South Carolina

Facing allegations of sex crimes can damage your reputation and make you feel isolated. DeCurtins Law Office can provide the aggressive legal advocacy that you need to face these accusations with confidence. When you come to the firm, you will work directly with our experienced and trusted attorneys who know what it takes to build successful cases.

Our legal team has more than 30 years of experience practicing criminal defense law. In that time, our Charlotte criminal defense lawyers have gained extensive knowledge and insight into the legal process that has allowed him to develop a proven skillset both in and out of the courtroom. We can work relentlessly to clear your name, defend your future, and help you move forward with your life.

DeCurtins Law Office represents all sex crimes charges, including:

Dedicated Legal Advocacy Every Step of the Way

Our Charlotte sex crimes defense lawyers will seek to establish open and honest communication with you in order to begin building familiarity with your case. We will then work you to build the best possible strategy for your defense. We have even earned a reputation for his ability to effectively negotiate with district attorneys to reach a favorable resolution without having to go to trial.

Should you have any concerns about how your case is developing, our firm makes a point of being easily accessible through a special after-hours access line. The legal team at DeCurtins Law Office rallies around you and gives you the tools you need to move toward a favorable result.

Come to DeCurtins Law Office When Your Reputation is On the Line

We practice criminal defense law with a focus on providing personalized legal service to his clients, building trust and mutual respect throughout each case. With more than 30 years of experience and a dedication to ensuring our clients feel comfortable and confident, you can trust that your case will be in good hands.

Contact the Charlotte sex crimes defense firm today at 704-313-1131 or (704) 508-9131 if it is after hours.